22 May 2011

Desk Set with Instructions

I craft once a month with a wonderful group of ladies!  Usually one of the group each month brings something paper crafted for the whole group.  Last month a bunch of them brought paper crafty goodies with Easter themes for everyone in the group.  A couple of us decided we needed to do something this month since we didn't bring anything last month.  :-)

The month got away from me, of course, and when the reminder about group night showed up, panic mode set it.  It was then a race to find something quick and easy but fun to make for them.

This is what I came up with:

A personalized post-it note holder - pretty and functional.

It's a quick project that is also useful.  I found this idea on another blog but made it my own.  The original project has a ribbon tied around the top above the post-it note pad but I decided to just put a line of bling on it, just above the monogram.  I love the more simplistic look it gives. 

If you've got a dollar store near you, that is the best place to find the 4x6 acrylic frames that are used for this. 

You can see from the side view how it would sit on your desk. 

I just cut a 4x6 pieces of the Sophia papers - which happened to go so well with the colors of the post-it note packs I picked up.  I opted not to buy dollar store post it notes for this as they never seem to come apart or stick as well as the name brand ones.

Anyway ... slide the paper into the photo frame. 

I then cut mats for the monogram pieces that closely matched the color of the post-it notes.  Mine measure 2.25x2.25 inches.  The monograms are then stamped onto 2x2 inch pieces of White Daisy cardstock and the edges of each piece are inked.  The stamp set I used on this one is the Bohemian Alphabet, which I love.  The swirl (and flower I stamped onto each post-it note pad) is in the same stamp set! Bonus!

I adhered the post-it note pad to the acrylic frame using our Tombow Adhesive, just running a strip along the top of the back of the pad.  I mounted it, leaving a 1/4 inch space along the bottom and right hand side of the frame.  (You could also, maybe, just remove the brown paper backing of the post-it notes and adhere it using the post-it note's adhesive so once the pad is used up, it would be easier to add a replacement.  I didn't think of that until just now, of course!  *LOL*)

The monogram square/mat is then mounted, centered in the space to the left of the pad, using the top edge of the pad as the top border. 

Just add some bling in a straight line centered above the monogram and you're done!  I mounted mine so the bottom of the bling was about even with the top of the note pad.  Well, as close as I could eye-ball it, anyway!  LOL

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