26 June 2010

June Challenge update

The second Goodie Box I ordered arrived so have added the items in it to the June Challenge so the choices you have to choose from are now at 40 !!

If you haven't, check out the original post HERE ....

Another Goodie Box today

Another great Goodie Box today! Wahoo!

Got both of the ones I ordered and they had some really great stuff in them! So happy!

Today's box has $93.95 worth of product in it for only $46.95(that's a discount of 50%, people!!!!)

Check it out HERE ! and let me know if you order one! You won't regret it if you do :-)

Don't forget to check EVERYDAY at her site to see what's been posted ... don't wait for me to let you know.  There is some awesome stuff flying out of the warehouse and I don't want you to miss out.

Only 4 more days until this promotion is over!

PS:  I actually scrapped!  Some of you have seen the finished products and will get picture posted sometime in the next two or three days!  :-)

22 June 2010

June Challenge Update

I received one of the Goodie Boxes I ordered!  Yay!

I've added all the items in the box plus the other already listed stuff under the June Challenge so more for the Challenge winner to choose from! 

Remember:  $25.00 worth of items (or a D size stamp set listed) to the winner.  You have until midnight on July 2 to get your entries in.

For Challenge details, go HERE!

21 June 2010

Another Goodie Box

Another great Goodie Box today!  Wahoo!

Got the first one I ordered and it's got some really great stuff in it!  So happy! 

Today's box has $235.50 worth of product in it for only $93.94 (that's a discount of 60%, people!!!!)

Check it out HERE ! and let me know if you order one!  You won't regret it if  you do :-)

16 June 2010

June Challenge update

I've updated the June Challenge post (HERE) to show the items I've purchased so far and their values.  I may even let the June Challenge winner decide which items they want as their prize (up to a retail value of $25.00!!! 

To win you have to play along, though!!!

Another great Goodie Box!!!

Today's Jackpot June item is another Goodie Box! You really need to grab one of these ... they are sooo much fun to get! Seriously!

You can get yourself one by visiting JoAnn's site.  Don't forget to let me know if you do so she can keep track of it for me.  :-)

FYI:  These are only while supplies last and only today for this sized one ... get 'em while you can!  Almost $300 worth of scrappy goodness for only $117.50 plus s/h and taxes. 

12 June 2010

Jackpot June Goodie Box!!!

Today's deal is another Goodie Box!  Check it out on JoAnn's site.
Don't forget to let me know if you order one so she can keep track of what she owes me, though. She's so great for doing this for me!

08 June 2010

June Challenge

Okay, I know you're all out there!  Play along.  You know you're always behind in your scrapping so this is a great way to get something done AND you could win something, too! 

This month's challenge is ...

Since my son is getting married next month, I want to see something wedding inspired.

How to enter the drawing:

1.  Post a comment at the end of this post with a link to your artwork
2.  Post the pics in my Facebook group:  CTMH with Lisa
3.  Email me the photo(s)


I've done stamp sets as prizes the last couple months so this month I am offering up something that I will be purchasing during the month of June as part of the June Jackpot promotion.

So far I've purchased (and it could be any of the these things (minimum totalling $25.00 retail value) ... will add to it as I purchase more.  I may even let YOU choose which ones you want .... up to the $25.00 retail value.  I've listed the retail value after each item).

1.  Dimensional Elements - Simple Numbers ($5.75)
2.  Dimensional Elements - Perennials ($5.75)
3.  Dimensional Elements - Framed In ($5.75)
4.  Dimensional Elements - Booksmart ($5.75)
5.  Dimensional Elements - Fresh Shapes ($5.75)
6.  Make a Wish stamp set - a cute birthday themed B-size stamp set ($16.50)

Goodie Box #1

7.  Just Blooms - Summer Posies ($10.50)
8.  Level 1 Scrapbooking Kit - Abundance ($11.50)
9.  6 sheets of cardstock diecut flowers and 9 sheets of coordinating cardstock ($7.50)
10.  Dimensional Elements - Perennials ($5.75)
11. Simply Snapshots - Sweet Pea ($10.50)
12. My Stickease - Abundance ($5.75)
13.  Nature's Ambiance Rubons ($11.50)
14.  Simply Snapshots - Boom-di-ada ($10.50)
15.  Inkspot - Sunflower ($2.50) 
16.  C1276 - Adventure stamp set ($22.50)
17.  D1271 - April Word Puzzle stamp set ($26.95)
18.  D1219 - My Farm stamp set ($26.95)

Goodie Box #2

19.  100pk brads ( $5.75)
20.  Heartfelt Whimsy Diecuts (3 sheets of diecut felt images) ($15.00)
21.  Level 1 Notebook Scrapbooking Kit ($11.50)
22.  Level 1 Sweet Home Scrapbooking Kit ($11.50)
23.  3 sheets of diecut flowers with 12 sheets of coordinating cardstock ($7.50)
24.  Love Letters rubons - 3 sheets ($11.50)
25.  My Stickease - Notebook ($5.75)
26.  Love Story rubosn - 3 sheets ($11.50)
27.  My Stickease - Sweet Home ($5.75)
28.  2pc set 6x6 album protectors ($2.75)
29.  24 pack 8.5x11 black cardstock ($9.25)
30.  Simply Snapshots - You Rock ($10.50)
31.  C1203 - Charm Uppercase stamp set ($22.50)
32.  C1191 - Calendar stamp set ($22.50)
33.  D1377 - Around the Block stamp set ($26.95)
34.  D1342 - World's Best Dad ($26.95)
35.  B1260 - Let Us Adore Him ($16.50)
36.  Z400 - White Daisy Sassy Strands ($6.50)
37.  20yds of Black 3/8 inch grosgrain ribbon ($8.25)
38.  20yds of Colonial White 3/8 inch grosgrain ribbon ($8.25)
39.  25yds of White Daisy 5/8 inch organdy ribbon ($8.25)
40.  Ink spot - Hollyhock
PS:  There was also two other items in the box but they were well over $25.00 retail so have not listed them.

May Challenge Winner

The winner of May's challenge .... Making a monochromatic layout is ...


She wins the Stamp of the Month from May!  Congrats Nikki!  (I will bring it to Stamp Class for you unless I see you before then!) Nikki was the only one to complete the challenge this month so good for her!

Today's Jackpot June item

is another Goodie Box!!!!  They are always so much fun to get .... Christmas in June, I tell ya!

Check out the box today ... HERE.  If you pick one up, let me know so I can let JoAnn know to track the commission of it for me since I don't have a website anymore.  She's been ever so kind as to offer up her site so you all don't miss out on this promo.

07 June 2010

May DT Layouts

The girls outdid themselves this month ... and I suck! LOL I am not done my layout as hoped but it's not my fault (well, not I've been sick for the last three days. Still not 100% and off to the doc on Wednesday as there is no improvement in my cough at all.

Anyhooo .... this time I gave the girls a challenge .... to scrap a layout of themselves as children.  They did mahvelous!

Because it's Irma's birthday today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY IRMA!!!) I am going to show you her layouts first.... Irma got ambitious and did a double page layout AND a single one, too!  Yay Irma!

Nikki outdid herself as well.   She did the layout PLUS a 'magazine' holder style card holder.  Awesome stuff!

This month the girls were given cardstock and papers from the X7123B Cherry-O paper packet and some items from the Z1320 Mini-Medley Accents Tulip Collection.  I think I gave them some Z1088 Chocolate Waxy Flax, too, but not sure!  I should write this stuff down!  LMAO!

Either way, they rocked it!

Today's Jackpot June item

Today's Jackpot June jackpot item is super cute ... perfect for all those birthdays that start happening around this time of year!

Check it out HERE! Don't forget to let me know you ordered so JoAnn can track it for me ... :-)

Off to get one for myself .... I'm going to order them all so I am guaranteed to get the FREE item. LOL 

Not sure what I mean?  Because I am ordering each of the items on sale today, I am guaranteed the FREE item.  I don't have to take a chance that I don't order the Jackpot item.  So, today, because I ordered $20 in Dimensional Elements, I am getting a CUTE stamp set (valued at $16.50 for FREE).  Check out the original post about Jackpot June for more details if you haven't read it yet.

Have a great one!

(PS I KNOW I'm late posting the layouts from May and the new June Challenge but I've not been well the last couple days.  Mine is not finished and I've honestly not felt like scrapping or doing much of anything the last couple days or so.  Sorry.  Will get them up ASAP!  Down in my crafty room now!  LOL)

04 June 2010

Mystery Box today!

Today's item for Jackpot June is one of the Mystery Boxes!  Check it out HERE!  (Don't forget to let me know if you order one so I can let JoAnn know).

03 June 2010


Hit the jackpot and win free products OR grab loaded goodie boxes at 50% off or more. Enjoy two types of deal days in June!

I no longer have a CTMH website, but a fellow Consultant, JoAnn Morin, has offered her site for your use!  (I'll still get my commission so no worries there!)  Just let me know by EMAIL so I can let her know who to track for me! 

Here is the link to her site!  Don't forget to check it every day and see what surprises are there during this campaign! 

Check out the flyer HERE


Dates: June 1, 2010 at 9:00 AM – July 1, 2010 at 8:00 AM

Featured Products: A huge variety of Close To My Heart products at great discounts or even FREE!

In June, take advantage of a different deal each day only on MyCTMH® websites. Click on the Jackpot June link to see each day's deal. Each day will either be a Jackpot day or a Goodie Box day. Deals will run for 23 hours: from 9:00 am (MDT) to 8:00 am (MDT) the following day, while supplies last. (The hour between 8:00 am and 9:00 am will be used to finalize all pending transactions, clear the queue, and launch the next deal.)

On Jackpot days, 5 products will be offered for sale at special discounted prices. On each Jackpot day, we've selected one of the 5 products to be the Jackpot item for that day, but you won't know which one it is (isn't it exciting!). If you happen to order the Jackpot item, lucky you! We'll reward you with a fabulous Close To My Heart jackpot, which may be one FREE product or a bundle of several FREE products! For those of you who aren't risk-takers, you'll want to purchase all 5 items to guarantee you'll hit the Jackpot!

If you purchase multiple quantities of the Jackpot item, you'll receive multiple products FREE. So, buy as many as you'd like of each item—there's no limit—and you could be a big winner!

The free items will be featured on the Jackpot June shopping page, alongside the 5 discounted products. We'll send your FREE items with the products you've ordered—and we'll pay the shipping/handling for your free items! Special shipping is offered on the discounted products you purchase: just $0.99 US / $1.99 CAN for each item.

So, how do you know if you've hit the Jackpot? Each day we'll announce what the Jackpot item was for the previous day on and at

On Goodie Box days, you will be able to purchase a Goodie Box filled with wonderful Close To My Heart products at 50% or more off retail value. The Goodie Box contents will vary by day (we're not revealing specifics but you'll be thrilled!) and will include favorite current and retired stamp sets, paper packets, embellishments, and other great scrapbooking, stamping, and cardmaking items.

We have made every effort to differentiate the Goodie Box offerings by date so you can purchase boxes on different dates and receive a wide variety of products. The prices of the boxes will vary but each will be at least 50% off retail value. The higher the box price, the greater your savings from the original retail value. We're also offering discounted shipping.

Important Notes: In order to give shoppers the best possible deal on products and shipping, Jackpot June purchases must include ONLY Jackpot June items (the Goodie Box or the discounted items) and nothing else. This will streamline the shipment of orders and is also how we’re able to offer discounted shipping for this exciting promotion. This means:

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How much is shipping/handling for the Jackpot days deals?

Discounted shipping/handling will be $0.99 US / $1.99 CAN for each item purchased. So if you purchase 5 items, you will be charged $4.95/ $9.95 for shipping/handling. No shipping/handling is charged for the free Jackpot item(s).

How much is shipping/handling for the Goodie Box deals?

Discounted shipping/handling rates will vary depending on the size and weight of the Goodie Box.

For the US, shipping for a Goodie Box will range from $7.00 US to $9.00 US.
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When will Jackpot offers be available and when will Goodie Box offers be available?

That is the beauty of the Jackpot June promotion—you never know what you are going to get until each day at 9:00 am (MDT)! Check the MyCTMH® site daily for offers. Deals end at 8:00 am (MDT) the following day or while supplies last. There will be one hour (8:00 am–9:00 am) with no offer as we get ready for the next deal.

Have fun with this!


Close To My Heart is a winner (times three!)

I just thought I would share this with you .... It's a great company and it's so great to see the results of Jeannette's passion.

Check it out HERE!