07 June 2010

Today's Jackpot June item

Today's Jackpot June jackpot item is super cute ... perfect for all those birthdays that start happening around this time of year!

Check it out HERE! Don't forget to let me know you ordered so JoAnn can track it for me ... :-)

Off to get one for myself .... I'm going to order them all so I am guaranteed to get the FREE item. LOL 

Not sure what I mean?  Because I am ordering each of the items on sale today, I am guaranteed the FREE item.  I don't have to take a chance that I don't order the Jackpot item.  So, today, because I ordered $20 in Dimensional Elements, I am getting a CUTE stamp set (valued at $16.50 for FREE).  Check out the original post about Jackpot June for more details if you haven't read it yet.

Have a great one!

(PS I KNOW I'm late posting the layouts from May and the new June Challenge but I've not been well the last couple days.  Mine is not finished and I've honestly not felt like scrapping or doing much of anything the last couple days or so.  Sorry.  Will get them up ASAP!  Down in my crafty room now!  LOL)

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