28 January 2013

Win This ... !!!

I  know this isn't craft related but it kind of is.

If you LOVE Big Bang Theory as much as me, you'll understand why I HAD to buy this mug when I saw it on Pinterest which led me to an Etsy shop which led to my PayPal account becoming smaller.  :-)  (My husband just shook his head.  LOL)

More to the point, today this lovely treasure arrived and could not wait to use it. 

Even more to the point, I bought TWO of these!  One for one of you - coffee not included. LOL

Which one of you?  Well, that is where the fun begins!

During the month of February, everyone who orders $50 or more (before shipping and taxes) of Close To My Heart product from me (personally or on my shop site) will get their name entered into a draw for the twin of this mug.  It's all boxed up and ready to go! 

ALSO, since the February Constant Campaign is a digital special, I will be offering a private special through me (cannot be used on my shop site).  This is through me only and is not offered through Close To My Heart. 

During the month of February, everyone who orders the $50 worth of Close To My Heart products - before shipping and taxes - not only gets their name entered for the super special mug, they also get the Stamp of the Month for FREE.  That is a total savings of $7.59 ($5.00 plus shipping and taxes).

Want in?  Drop me a line at my EMAIL.  :-)