17 January 2011

My Craft Area - A Work in Progress

Over at the Heart 2 Heart CTMH Challenge Blog the challenge is all about organization this time around so here we go on the grand tour of my scrap room.

This room belonged to my son when he lived at home.  Once he moved out, we stripped it and redid it, including taking out the close that used to be inside the door.  It really cut into the dimensions of the room and I really wanted the extra space.

This first picture shows the view from my doorway.  The workstation in the middle of the room is made from the modular units you can get at Michaels.  I bought them at 40% and 50% off over a period of time until I had enough.  We assembled them and place them back to back to create a work surface for me to stand at.  There are a total of 16 units, 8 on each side.  My hubby and I added a piece on the top because it wasn't quite high enough.  It gives extra storage, too, so I can put my paper trimmers etc in there as the spaces (three) run straight across the top.  (Better seen in a later photo.  The top measures 57" x 31.5" and it is 3 feet high.  I also got a bar stool to sit on as my feet get sore quite quickly, though I prefer to scrap standing.

And from the next corner.  You can't really see it because I forgot to move my office chair but you can, over the top of the chair back, see a basket with CTMH stamp sets in it .... Well, that basket is sitting on top of 6 My Acrylix organizers and there is another two on the floor next to that stack.  :-) 
The brown desk holds my computer, printer, phone ... There is another piece not in the photo but it has my Silhouette and Cuttlebug on it.  (You can see it in the next picture)

And from the next corner.  My ink carousel is in the way but hubby added a shelf onto the stand my water jug (offering hot and cold water) is on and I have my Cricut there, along with my embossing gun (that you can kind of see the tip of).  See that stack of paper on the desk in the bottom right corner?  That is 134 sheets I am offering up as part of my own challenge this month.  It's on this blog if you want to check it out.

Under the water cooler is all of my embossing folders and Sizzix dies.

And the next corner.  That white spot is NOT from forgetting to paint that section.  LOL  It is a foam core board that I have notched and use as a backdrop to take photos of my projects.

More photos ... lol  These units are from the closet storage section at Zellers and got them when they were all on sale.  I "may" get doors for the top section, too, but have not decided for sure yet.  I am not done organizing and sorting all my stuff so if I get get it organized well enough and it looks nice, I may leave them open.  They'll probably hold all of my My Acrylix organizers anyway.  :-)  The unit on the far left has baskets for my punches that don't hang on the rod and the doors have all my old scrappy magazines that I am slowly geting through and tearing out the ideas I like.  Those are going into binders - it will save me a TON of space and I can  use it for something else.

All the middle sections under the windows hold misc altering stuff (boxes, tins, tubes etc) as well as my bags and such for storing stuff in.

The unit on the right holds - for now - my flowers.  They look tidy now that I've sorted and purged.  That shelf is a LOT fuller than it looks!  No more room.  There are more flowers in the basket next to the two My Acrylix organizers that are there.  The rest of the section holds CDs, family history stuff, address books and blank CDs.

These two units I got at Canadian Tire several years ago.  The wire racks hold all my CTMH cardstock and I have our cardstock samples hanging from the spots that corresponds to the cardstock on the shelf.  At first I thought this was a good idea but they hang too low so if I need something out of one of the drawers, I have to hold them out of the way to close the drawers.  Time to rethink this .... hmmmm. 

The next row is my TV and stereo and the drawers hold embossing powders, paints, my stamping blocks, glitter, hand punches, misc. tools and such.  A work in progress still.

The next row down is all my patterned paper housed in Cropper Hopper paper keepers.  Yes, there is a LOT of it.  I LOVE me some patterned paper!!!!

All my CTMH paper packs are in the one furthest on the right, in alphabetical order so I can find them easier.  Yep, a little anal.  :-)

The bottom row holds Iris craft containers from Michaels that have all of my alphabets (stickers, chipboard, rubons etc), bling, stickers, chipboards, felt, diecuts, transparencies, rubons.

My fab hubby made me this ribbon organizer and most of my ribbon is on dowels behind those lovely strands that are hanging down.  Eventually I want to put doors or something over this.  Eventually.

This is the right hand side of my work table.  This is where I will have all my personal scrapping stuff eventually.  Most of the drawers have stuff just thrown in there until I can get around to finish sorting etc it all.  I've been purging as I go and listing my excess on a seperate blog so it's taking some time.

This side of the work table will be for all of my CTMH business items etc.  Easier to keep everyting seperated out.  Once I am done sorting and etc., of course. 

Well, that's it for now!  The basic bones are exactly how I want them, I just need to finish sorting and organizing - a little at a time. 


  1. That is sooo awesome sis!! Im envious. Looking great

  2. all that organizing and you still find time to actually do the crafting - Amazing Lisa - looks fabulous - oh and love the painting above the computer!!!

  3. Thanks ladies! :-)

    Geri - it is a pretty amazing painting isn't it? Bought it from the fiance of a friend of mine ;-) He has some amazing talent. :-)

  4. WOW!!! I wish I had a space that looked like that....I need some organization, I can not find my space under all the paper...LOL

  5. Your space is fabulous! I love the idea of using the storage cubes to make a work table island. I think I may try to do that in my craft room! Thanks for sharing your room with us at H2H! *Ü*

  6. I thought I had a lot of paper! You win :)
    What a great room! You have so many great ideas, my favorite is the extended top on your work table, I've often wished for a shelf under my table top to keep my cutter handy.
    Thank you for sharing with us at H2H!

  7. looks awesome Lisa ! i do like those units from Michael's and it is nice to see how you have used them ! great organization !

  8. Lisa - as big a supply 'collector' as I am, I really needed the storage of all those cubes ... I'll have to get more detailed in later posts about what is where.

    Lorrinda - I do have more patterned paper than that. I have several hundred sheets in another room that is overstock and duplicates that I will be selling off. It was just getting waaaay out of control. LOL My hubby gets credit for the extended top. I was going to raise the cubes off the floor by building a base and he suggested just adding to the top and leaving it mostly open to add even more storage. He's so great (and such an enabler!lol)

  9. WOW, can you do my room next? LOL!

  10. Lisa, I'm more than a bit envious of how fabulously organized your paper is! What a great space to create in - love the workstation you created. Thanks for joining us at H2H this week :o)

  11. Oooooo.... I love the way the paper is set up in that woden shelf... That is my favorite... but i would take the whole room.

  12. HI Lisa!
    I love the unit from Zellers, you have an immense amount of supplies. I take my hat off to you.
    Thanks for sharing with us at H2H!

  13. *drool* WOW Lisa!! Just....WOW!!!
    Your space looks so organized and fun to create in!!

  14. Love your room!! It looks awesome!! Thank you for letting us peek in your craft room! :)

  15. Your room is gorgeous. Looks easy to find your supplies and to create.

  16. Love your craft room. Lots of great ideas. I was featured on Crafty Storage a few months back showing "My Play Room." I just love looking at everyone's rooms. I'm a new follower.

  17. What a wonderful creative space, you have all your supplies so nicely organized.