14 November 2010

October Design Team projects

This month the girls were given: 

As usual, they both rocked their projects!  I didn't give them a challenge this time, though, and just told them to do what they wanted.

Nikkis' creation:

Nikki also used one of her stamp sets, C1408 Live Inspired, on her page and having the bird on a transparency really helps it pop.  I love that she used paper tearing - one of my fave techniques. Her kids are always so photogenic, too!

Irma's creation:

Love how she used an easel type card on the top of the boxes. The Shimmer Brads as stoppers are really played up by the sparkles on the stars. Fun!


  1. Love that box! I really like the ribbon pulls on it too. Very creative!!

  2. Me again! I posted about your stamp giveaway on my blog, and also mentioned your current challenge! Thanks again Lisa!

  3. Thanks, Carmen! Off to check it out! :-)

    Was so great talking with you!