11 November 2010

November/December Challenge

Hi girls!

So late getting this posted but life is crazy and I couldn't even begin to tell you what I've been doing that makes it seem that way.  The time change has really thrown my body for a loop this time around, too!  I just cannot seem to get enough rest and I feel tired ALL the time.  Getting through a day is a struggle lately. 

So, this month's challenge is late (November is 1/2 over already!) so am going to combine it with December and give something extra special away at the end of the year.  I don't know what yet, though.  I haven't thought that far ahead.  It will be FAB, though.  Anything CTMH is fab.  LOL

Am going to continue to give you choices, too, again.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE sketches so I think that will be a staple every month.  Not everyone feels that way, though, I am sure, so will add one or two other options each time as well.

The Sketch from Stacy Cohen which I got off the Pencil Lines blog back in 2009:


Create a layout but using patterned paper you have created using stamps.


Create a layout using the technique that won the Blog Candy earlier this month by random drawing.  Once of Carmen's fave techniques is to clear emboss ... try it out!

How to enter: 
- comment on this post with a link to your layout.
- send a photo of your project to me via email
- join my Facebook group : CTMH with Lisa and post your photo in the photo section

Winner will be chosen my random drawing of all entries - one entry per completed challenge.  If you do the challenge more than once, you'll get more entries.  Entries are due by midnight on December 31, 2010.  Will do a random drawing of all entries using  Good luck to you all!

ETA:  I've decided on the prize for the month and you can see the details in a post HERE.


  1. How many times can we enter? I have several layouts in mind, but want to follow the rules.

  2. You'll get one entry per layout you complete ... so if you do five, you'll get five entries.

    I guess I should specify that! Thanks!