18 March 2012

Exciting News!

Every Close To My Heart Consultant now  has their own website you can order from! (I've always had one ... )

Close To My Heart has just opened up their new Online Business Address for all Consultants FREE of charge.  (Are they the best company or what?) There are so many great features that this provides us Consultants over the old websites.

My favorite one, so far, is the ability to have my Clubs and Workshops located on the main page of MY WEBSITE.  Anyone wanting to boost their sales when they are a hostess can send my web link to their friends/family and that person can just order off the website.  The hostess gets credit for the sale, upping their sales total for the night, even if their friend/family lives out of town.  That person gets their order shipped directly to them, too, so they don't have to wait for the night of the event if they don't want to.

Even if you are just a random person wanting to place an order on my site, you can help out someone you don't even know just by adding your own order to one of the events posted.  How is that for "Paying It Forward"???  :-)

My mind is spinning with the possibilities!!!  Stay tuned for more to come!

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