04 October 2010

A Virtual Gathering - Earn FREE product!!!

I'm testing out our new way of having a Gathering by having a Virtual Gathering.  No one has to worry about inviting anyone into their homes.  Everyone shops from the comfort of their own homes. (Not comfortable shopping online?  You can email me your order and I will add you manually to the Gathering once you pay me.)

Sending out invites to all my regular clients for sure.  If you're interested in joining us, drop me a line and I'll add you in or send you more details.

The best part?  You could earn some free stuff! 

I don't want to keep all the goodies for myself so I will be doing a random drawing from everyone who orders during the Gathering period and places an order over $25.  If the Gathering sales are high enough, I will draw more than one name!!

The great thing is that this month (from October 1 to 31 only), for any Gathering that reaches a minimum sales total of $500 or more, CTMH will bump up the rewards one level.  Instead of getting $95 in free product and one item at 50% off, they will be giving $115 in FREE product and TWO items at 50% off. 

There are still rewards for levels below $500 so no worries ... a Gathering of only $175 will still receive $30 in Free product so will definitely be selecting someone to win (unless no one decides to play along with me  Each Gathering only needs a minimum of two orders to qualify and I will be ordering something for sure.  (Because I don't have enough stuff to last a lifetime already ...LMAO!)

Join me!  Email me with your name and you can play along with us!  The more we get, the more rewards and the more names I can draw for free stuff!

Want to do your own Gathering or Virtual Gathering?  I can help you out with that, too!

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