08 May 2010

Did you notice ... because I didn't!

I had no idea until I got my Keynotes (the CTMH Consultant magazine) that they've reduced prices on several items in the Idea Book for the Summer 2010 book!!!

You can tell which ones they are because they will have two prices listed and the higher price will be crossed out. Some of them are REALLY reduced!

They also said, it is "while supplies last" on them so once they are gone for this Idea Book, they are gone. They didn't specify if it was forever gone, or just for this Idea Book so don't ask! LOL

Just thought I would share that with you in case you hadn't noticed, like me. I just buy. I don't really look at the prices so this was a very nice surprise to have pointed out to me.

If something is reduced that's been on your Wish List, now might be the best time to get it.

Ship me off an email if you want to order them now .... just in case! I'll be putting in my order this month for sure for some of them. I LOVE a good deal.

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