14 February 2010


Okay, these are NOT the artwork I promised but it's something until I finish installing all of the programs in my new computer that I had in my old computer. I have a couple of layouts that I had scanned but I have not stitched them together yet and have not installed the program I use to do that yet. Never seems to be enough hours in a day.
These are the cards I made for Xmas. I forgot to take pictures or scan the original cards so these are scans of three rejects but will give you an idea of what the 'good' ones look like.
In the first card, my stamp block left a line of chocolate ink on the left side of the card so didn't want to send it out. :-)
The second card, I grabbed the wrong color of ink to ink over the embossed reindeer so didn't want to send that one out either.
The last one, after embossing the swirling flakes, I blew on the embossing to cool it and it splattered. Again, no way was it getting sent out. LOL
All the cards were lifted from other talented people on the web - forgot to write down who they are but have them bookmarked somewhere so will update when I find them again. Bad Lisa!
Everything, except the lattice punch is from Close To My Heart!
Have a great night ... best get to bed as 6am comes early!

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  1. These are pretty good rejects! I really like the first one with all the inking!!